Landscape Design Consultations

The first step in the landscape design process is an initial site visit to discuss the client’s requirements and vision for the space. This step is free of charge. Topics covered may include how particular areas will be used, what garden features will be included, lighting, irrigation, budget etc. At this point clients can elect to proceed to the next stage of having a concept plan drawn up.

Concept Designs

A concept plan includes a general layout of the included features. It is a plan, drawn to scale and accompanied by an estimate of the cost of installation. This will allow for further consultation and revision with the client before proceeding to a more detailed plan with a quote for the installation. Concept plans may include indicative images and planting palettes.

Detail Design and Landscape Construction

The detail design, including all relevant designs and drawings, will be the first stage in the construction process. The design, with a detailed quote for the construction, will be presented to the client for final approval before construction commences.